Mastercard Joins Forces with Lyft to Enable and Expand Access to Essential Transportation During the COVID-19 Crisis

Lyft x Mastercard

Supporting our community has always been a fundamental part of Lyft. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve activated LyftUp, our comprehensive effort to expand transportation access to those who need it most. Right now, this means working with our coalition of partners to provide access to free rides for our most vulnerable communities and critical workers, and free delivery of food and essential critical supplies to those in need. 

We understand this crisis is one we cannot fight alone — it will require the collective power of our community. That’s why we’ve partnered with over 500 organizations through LyftUp, and today we are announcing an expansion of our longstanding partnership with Mastercard to directly fund LyftUp initiatives focused on providing access to essential rides and pilot delivery services to those in need most during this time. Mastercard’s contribution not only enables us to support our rider community in a new way with these services, but it increases earning opportunities for the driver community. These services will be managed directly by the local organizations Lyft has partnered with to ensure those within their community are being helped.

Rides: In partnership with hundreds of nonprofits, we’re donating tens of thousands of Lyft ride credits to those with essential transportation needs. To date, these partnerships have helped caregivers get to the homes of seniors, victims of domestic violence who cannot safely shelter in place to get to a safe location, and childcare professionals to get to work so other essential workers with children can continue to do their jobs. Our partnership with Mastercard will allow us to provide even more access for these groups, including National Urban League to provide its members access to essential transportation, and National Down Syndrome Society to provide access to essential rides for individuals with Down syndrome. 

Delivery: Mastercard's funding will make it possible to deliver healthy meals to low-income seniors, and families and children while schools are closed. The meals will be delivered in part by the LyftUp Community Driver Task Force — our community of over 120,000 drivers from across the country who have signed up to support community-oriented trips. All deliveries will be contactless, and drivers will be paid for these rides.

“Now more than ever, access to essential needs is critical. We are proud to partner with Lyft to further their LyftUp efforts and enable essential deliveries and transportation to those communities who need it most during COVID-19,” said Sherri Haymond, executive vice president, Digital Partnerships, Mastercard. “Through this initiative, we are able to further our commitment to Lyft and their drivers, and drive action to help those most in need through our shared values.”

"As the COVID-19 crisis intensifies, it’s clear that Lyft is a lifeline for many communities. While some people are comfortably sheltering in place, others don't have that option — and many are left without essential items like food,” said Lisa Boyd, Director, Social Impact, Lyft. “To support those in need, we are actively expanding our services to include new transportation and delivery partnerships with nonprofits, governments, and businesses."

We’re here to help

Lyft has many available resources for partners of all kinds seeking to use transportation to provide help for their communities, including the following: 

  • For nonprofits who need transportation support, please apply for a LyftUp COVID-19 Community Grant.

  • For organizations that wish to contribute directly to LyftUp (non-tax-deductible), please contact us here

  • For foundations and philanthropists looking for a meaningful way to make an impact, we have many partners who need your support. There are immense transportation and delivery needs right now. Please visit to learn more.

We’re closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19. We’ve asked all riders and drivers to stay home if they are sick. In accordance with CDC guidelines, anyone who suspects they may have or is diagnosed with COVID-19 should not use rideshare. 


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