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Lyft’s Community Safety Report

Oct 21, 2021

Since Lyft’s founding in 2012, safety has been fundamental to everything we do. As part of our continuous work to enhance the safety of our platform, today we’re publishing Lyft’s Community Safety Report.

Our commitment to safety

We’re always working to make Lyft as safe as possible. That’s why we have a rigorous background check process for drivers, and why we regularly consult with our Safety Advisory Council of external experts on safety policies and features. It’s also why we invest in technology solutions like Smart Trip Check-in, a feature that identifies rides that seem irregular and offers emergency assistance directly to riders or drivers, and partnerships like the one with ADT to provide real-time, in-ride safety support. 

We are determined to help protect and support riders and drivers. For years, we’ve had a 24/7 Critical Response Line for riders and drivers to report safety incidents on the Lyft platform, as well as processes in place to identify, track and analyze them. Now, we are sharing our analysis with the public.  

What the report shows

Our Community Safety Report details the frequency of the most serious safety incidents that are reported to Lyft.

  • Safety incidents on Lyft are statistically very rare. The type of safety incidents detailed in this report occurred on 0.0002% of rides, and well over 99% of all rides occur without any safety report at all. 

  • These rates are in line with, and in some categories better than, what has been reported by Uber, showing that overall, the prevalence of reported safety incidents across the rideshare industry is very low.

  • The incident rate of sexual assault categories included in this report decreased by 19% during this time period. 

While safety incidents on our platform are incredibly rare, we realize that even one is too many. Behind every report is a real person and real experience, and our goal is to make each Lyft ride as safe as we possibly can.

Our Community Safety Report also details the features, policies and partnerships in place to help protect riders and drivers:

  • We screen everyone who drives with Lyft before they give a single ride. We require initial and annual background checks, continuous criminal and driving record monitoring, as well as community safety education created in consultation with RAINN, North America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. 

  • We’ve developed a series of in-app safety features that allow riders and drivers to share their location with family and friends, connect directly with Lyft Support, and quickly and easily access emergency assistance from the Lyft app. 

  • Our Safety team is available 24/7 so riders and drivers can always reach a live person if they have concerns or feel unsafe, and so we can take action to help keep our community safe. 

We’re proud of Lyft’s longstanding commitment to safety for every ride, and the impact that ridesharing has had on the standard of safety in the transportation industry. We understand that our work is never finished, and we will continue to invest in efforts that help protect and empower our community.