Lyft Supports Equal Pay Every Day

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Equal Pay Day is today. If you’re not familiar, this marks the day a woman’s average salary catches up to a man’s average salary from last year (in other words: A woman has to work 4 months and 10 days more than a man to earn the same salary).

On average, women are paid 20% less than men. And Black and Hispanic women are paid even less: They face 38% and 46% wage gaps, respectively. Overall, this gender wage gap has far-reaching effects on women, their families, and their career earning potential.    If we closed this wage gap…

  • The average woman would earn $530,000 more over the course of her career.

  • The U.S. workforce would add $513 billion in new income every year. At Lyft, we’re driving to close the wage gap. In March, we announced our commitment to equal pay with an annual audit to confirm that there are no unexplained pay gaps based on gender or race.

We’re teaming up with Lean In again to support the #20PercentCounts campaign: This is the first of three 2018 public awareness efforts from Lean In, each rooted in the fact that equal pay matters.


All day today, you’ll see Lyft cars in our app transformed into unequal signs to raise awareness of this income inequality. To drive home the realities of this disparity, we’ll also ask our passengers to think about the impact of ending their rides early (with 20% of the way still to go).  

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To learn more about #20PercentCounts and show your support, head over to