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Lyft Supporting the City of San Francisco for APEC Conference

Nov 10, 2023
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Lyft is proud to announce a partnership with the City and County of San Francisco in support of the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference, scheduled to take place in San Francisco from November 11 to 17. This partnership demonstrates Lyft's commitment to fostering economic growth in the city of San Francisco, the home of its headquarters.

The APEC conference brings together leaders from 21 member economies to discuss and advance regional economic cooperation and trade. This year, the APEC conference will attract more 20,000 delegates, government officials, business leaders, and volunteers to San Francisco.

As a key partner for this event, Lyft is contributing in various ways to ensure the success of the APEC conference:

  • Discounted Rides for Volunteers: Lyft will offer exclusive access to discounted rides to the dedicated volunteers who are making this event possible. Volunteers will play a vital role in the success of the conference, and Lyft is proud to support their efforts by providing access to affordable and convenient transportation options.

  • Contribution: Lyft is making a monetary contribution to the City of San Francisco to assist in the conference's logistical and operational needs.

  • Operational Support for Key Events: Lyft will provide operational support to help ensure that transportation runs smoothly during some of the conference's most critical events. This support will include dedicated Lyft drop-off and pick-up zones.

"I am grateful for our partnership with Lyft to strengthen our preparations and efforts for APEC week,” said San Francisco Mayor London Breed. “This generosity will provide our volunteers, visitors, and delegates with additional transportation options as they navigate around the City while promoting economic activities and growth. Lyft's commitment to supporting the conference underscores their dedication to San Francisco and the community they serve."

Lyft's partnership with San Francisco for the APEC conference aligns with the company's mission to improve people's lives with the world's best transportation. By facilitating access to reliable and affordable transportation options, Lyft is contributing to the success of this globally significant event and the broader economic growth of San Francisco. About Lyft: Lyft is one of the largest transportation networks in North America, bringing together rideshare, bikes and scooters all in one app. We are customer-obsessed and driven by our purpose: getting riders out into the world so they can live their lives together, and providing drivers a way to work that gives them control over their time and money.