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Lyft Launches Scooters for Austin Riders

Kaitlyn Carl - Dec 4, 2018
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Lyft scooters are officially live in Austin. This marks our first scooter launch in Texas and our fifth scooter launch of the year as we work closely and collaboratively with cities before we launch our mobility solutions.

This summer, we mapped out our vision for how Lyft bikes & scooters will reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled, increase public transportation trips, and provide equitable transportation solutions. In Austin, we have a trio of partnerships to announce as our scooters launch on your streets.

  • First, we’ll be donating proceeds to Austin’s Farm & City organization as they work towards creating safer streets, better transit, and affordable cities where all people can walk, bike, and wheelchair in our daily lives.

  • Additionally, we’ll be working with local workforce development agencies like the Austin Area Urban League to identify and recruit people for our operations positions that rebalance and charge our scooters.

  • Lastly, we’re excited to be developing a partnership with the Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) & Austin Pathways. Our team in Austin will fund and work with mobility ambassadors from HACA to educate and help sign up other low-income housing members for our monthly equity pass of just $5 ensuring that our scooters are accessible for all riders.

Providing more mobility options to communities that have historically been underserved is a key tenet for our bikes and scooters platform and we’re thrilled to partner with these organizations.

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Now, when you open up the Lyft app you’ll have the choice between scooting around or rideshare. Most of the time, scooting will be better suited for short trips or when you want to beat some of that rush hour traffic. If it’s raining, that’s when rideshare will be your better option. But, no matter what situation you’re in, Lyft will be there to help you get around town. By bringing Lyft scooters to Austin, we are one step closer to a full end-to-end experience with multi-modal transportation trips. We also recognize that getting around town on a scooter can be a new experience for many riders and we urge everyone on the road (cars included) to ride or drive safely.  

How to Ride

Using the Lyft app, reserve a scooter ahead of time or scan the QR code on a nearby scooter.

  1. Kick-start the ground twice to get going.

  2. Press the throttle on the right-hand side of the handlebar to speed up.

  3. Squeeze the brake on the left-hand side of the handlebar to slow down.

  4. Weee!

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