Lyft Launches Nearby Transit in Santa Monica to Show Public Transit Routes In-App

Poster - 2018/9/19/lyft-launches-nearby-transit-in-santa-monica-to-show-public-transit-routes-in-app

Across our communities, we know that transportation access can unlock economic and social mobility. Our mission is to improve people’s lives through the world’s best transportation, and providing more ways to get around without owning a private car builds stronger communities. That’s why we’re working to make transportation more equitable and enhance mobility options while taking cars off the road — in our product and working alongside public transportation agencies.

Today, we’re adding public transit information directly into the Lyft app. With the help of Trafi’s transit information platform, Lyft passengers in Santa Monica will begin to see Nearby Transit options — which include details about routes and schedules for Big Blue Bus, LA Metro, and Metrolink. Building on the launch of Lyft Scooters in Santa Monica this week, Lyft riders will be able to choose the transportation option that best fits their trip and budget, all within the Lyft app. It’s another step toward providing effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation to our communities, and towards creating a more seamless and connected transportation network. As our partner Ed King, Director of Transit Services at Big Blue Bus said, “we welcome the opportunity to work with Lyft on a new technology model that effortlessly integrates transit and ridesharing, offering customers more travel choices.”

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At Lyft, we’ve long partnered with cities and transit agencies across North America. As cities explore how new mobility options fit into their communities, we’re expanding our work with cities, transportation and planning departments, public transportation agencies, and other companies to define the future of mobility. According to our Economic Impact Report, 21% of Lyft passengers already use public transit more frequently because they can rely on Lyft to get them the first or last mile when their starting point or destination isn’t directly along a transit route. We consistently strive to increase that percentage.

To help guide this work, we are excited to announce that Lilly Shoup, an established leader in the transportation industry, has joined Lyft as Senior Director of Transportation Policy. In this role, Lilly will continue to bring transportation planning and policy best practices to the forefront of Lyft’s strategic efforts. Lilly oversees a national portfolio of policies and partnerships to advance Lyft's vision of the future of mobility. She brings over a decade of transportation sector expertise, most recently as a Principal at Nelson\Nygaard Consulting. She previously served as a domestic policy advisor to former Vice President Joe Biden, and was a leader at the US Department of Transportation on sustainable transportation policies and programs.  

Lilly will lead a team of subject-matter experts in public transportation, street design, congestion, equity, land-use, autonomous vehicles, multimodal travel behavior, energy, and environmental impact. This team will continue to develop policies and public sector partnerships to test new approaches to urban mobility. By working alongside cities to define a shared vision of the future, together we can improve transportation for people everywhere.