Lyft is now offering free EV charging in Portland

Poster - lyft-is-now-offering-free-ev-charging-in-portland

Following our launch of Green Mode — the ride option that lets Portland riders request a hybrid or electric vehicle for their journey — we’re excited to announce that Lyft is partnering with PGE to provide free EV charging for eligible drivers starting July 1. Portland drivers will now be able to charge their vehicles at a number of locations across the Portland metro area for a free, including the newly-opened Hillsboro station.

“There is no greater imperative right now than fighting the effects of climate change, which requires addressing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation,” said Dave Robertson, Vice President of Public Policy at Portland General Electric. “We’re proud to fuel Lyft’s mission to minimize its impact on the environment with a robust and healthy EV charging network, as it aligns with our goal to help deploy electric transportation that serves everyone — regardless of how they choose to move throughout our region.”

To learn more about the Electric Avenue charging network and PGE’s efforts to electrify transportation, visit




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