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Lyft is Making Paying for Rides Easier Than Ever with the Addition of Venmo

Zachary Kizer - Oct 22, 2020

To make paying for rides and getting around town even easier, Lyft riders will soon be able to pay with Venmo and easily split the cost of their ride. We’ll start rolling out this feature in October and will launch to all U.S. Lyft riders in the coming weeks. Sixty million active Venmo users already use the platform to split dinner with friends, pay for coffee or groceries, and stay socially connected. And they can now continue to live their financial lives on Venmo by easily paying for and splitting Lyft rides.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Set up in one step: Authorize paying with Venmo with one tap.

  • Easy to pay: Pay with your existing Venmo balance or linked payment method.

  • Split the ride: Easily split the ride with friends through the Venmo app.

  • Share with friends: Share your Lyft ride experiences in your Venmo feed and stay connected.

How to connect your accounts: 

Ensure you have the latest version of the Venmo and Lyft apps installed on your phone and sign into your accounts if you haven’t already. Please note that only one account can be linked to your Lyft account. Then, open your Lyft app and take the following steps (or click here if you’re on a mobile device).

  • Open up your app and tap ‘Payment’ in the menu.

  • Tap on ‘Add payment method.’

  • Select ‘Venmo.’

  • Tap ‘Authorize’ to allow Lyft to charge Venmo

  • Start taking rides!

How to split fares 

While many of us aren’t traveling in groups right now, we want to make sure that when the time is right riders are able to easily split fares with close friends and family – even if that only means sharing a ride to the grocery store with your roommate. In order to pay for your ride with Venmo and split the fee:

  • Find the transaction in your payment feed of the Venmo app after you take a ride. If you have notifications enabled with Venmo, you can click on it to go directly to your transaction.

  • Select that you’d like to split the cost and find the person you’d like to split the cost with.

  • Add additional information for what the ride was for (emojis recommended!).

In addition to paying for Lyft rides, riders will also be able to pay with Venmo for bike or scooter rides from the Lyft app. 

Riders can already pay with PayPal and can add credit cards, debit cards, direct banking, easy budgeting with Lyft Cash, and more, all from the Payment screen in the Lyft app.