Lyft Provides New Tools to Help Families and Loved Ones Get to Vaccine Appointments

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COVID-19 has left many people physically separated from each other by distance and health precautions, making it harder to help their loved ones receive the care and attention they need. And in many cases, transportation continues to be a barrier for people to make essential trips, like picking up groceries, getting to a care facility for a vaccine, or non-emergency medical attention. 

Today, riders nationwide can utilize Rides for Others to immediately help their loved ones make it to necessary appointments. Whether assisting a parent or grandparent to their first vaccine appointment or ensuring they get back from a check-up, both the ride requestor and rider will have full access to real-time trip details. In the coming months, the new Lyft Family tool will make it even easier for families to ride when they need to, share essential ride information, and keep track of ride expenses — all in one place.  

Rides for Others

Rides for Others, a recent addition to the Lyft offerings, makes calling rides for friends and loved ones more straightforward than ever. As we remain physically distanced from one another, Rides for Others allows individuals to easily help their parents, grandparents, or other loved ones travel to essential destinations like vaccine centers, grocery stores, and non-emergency medical care. Rides for Others, which also gives riders and drivers clarity about the identity of the other person in the car, reduces confusing pick-up experiences, and allows riders and drivers to rate each other after the ride, is available nationwide.

Here’s how to send a ride to someone else:

  • Tap the search bar on the home screen of your Lyft app

  • Tap the ‘Me’ button at the top of the next screen, then tap ‘Add rider’ and follow the prompts 

  • Enter the pickup location and destination, and send them on their way! (You can track their ride from your app.) 

  • The ride recipient must have their own Lyft account and will see ride details in their Lyft app


Lyft Family 

Beginning with a pilot in California, Oregon, and Washington, Lyft Family provides families and loved ones easy access to real-time trip details, simple expense tracking, and the option to call a ride for someone else in one central location. Lyft Family will roll out nationwide in the coming months. 

As the creator and admin of a Lyft Family account, riders can invite up to five loved ones to join their account. During account setup, admins designate a family payment method that family members can use to cover rides when needed, whether they’re headed to a vaccine appointment, grocery store, or to get other essential items. 

Here’s how Lyft Family works:

  • Invite family and loved ones | Riders can create a Lyft Family account and invite up to five loved ones. 

  • Have extra peace of mind with real-time ride details | Trip details will automatically be shared with the Lyft Family admin when the family payment method is used to pay for a ride.

  • Easily & securely share your payment method with family | After accepting a Lyft Family invitation, family members will automatically have the designated family payment method added to their Lyft account. They can select the family payment method for rides when they need it from their payment settings in the Lyft app.

  • Easily keep track of family ride expenses | Admins automatically receive ride receipts when their Lyft Family account is used, so they won’t forget who took what ride and can easily keep track of expenses.

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