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Lyft Concierge Now Offers More Ease and Control for Your Organizations’ Passengers

Rosie Bubb - Sep 19, 2018
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Have you ever needed to arrange a ride for your customers, employees, or patients, but didn’t know exactly when they would need it? For example, for a patient who has to get home after a doctor’s appointment, or a business traveler dealing with baggage claim delays.

Introducing flexible rides from Lyft Concierge, which enable organizations to schedule and cover the cost of a ride that passengers can request for themselves. When a doctor wants to take a closer look at a patient’s MRI, or a car repair appointment takes longer than expected, Lyft’s flexible rides feature enables their ride to be ready when they are.

Companies such as JetBlue, Ascension, and Denver Health are already using Lyft Concierge to get their customers, employees, and patients where they need to go. They’ve been able to conveniently schedule Lyft rides immediately or in advance from one central dashboard — even if the passenger doesn’t have the Lyft app or a smartphone. And now, our customers are looking forward to delivering an even better courtesy ride experience for their passengers — enabling them to request rides on their schedule, just like they could in the Lyft app.

“Lyft Concierge’s new flexible rides feature will make delivering reliable transportation to our patients even easier and more convenient,” says Jason Dinger, Ascension’s Chief Incubation Officer. “And will support Ascension’s goal of transformation through innovation across the continuum of care.”

How to send a flexible ride using Lyft Concierge

  1. Enter your passenger’s info including name, phone number, and pickup and drop-off locations.

  2. Send a flexible ride request by selecting ‘Send flexible ride’ from the dropdown menu and then clicking ‘Send ride link.’ Your passenger will receive an SMS text with a ride request link, and will have up to 24 hours to use the request.

  3. Relax knowing your passengers are riding when they’re ready. We’ve recently introduced other exciting features to enhance the Lyft Concierge experience for both passengers and organizations, such as ride maps that allow a passenger to easily locate their driver, and map pins that allow for a more exact pickup. Plus, Concierge passengers will soon have the ability to rate their drivers, just like passengers using the Lyft app.

Want to provide flexible and reliable rides for your people with Lyft Concierge? Get started with Lyft Business.