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Lyft Community Surpasses $10 Million in Donations

Rosie Bubb - Nov 19, 2018
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A year and a half ago, we launched our Round Up & Donate program to make it easy for passengers to make a difference every time they ride. This holiday season, we’re excited to announce that Lyft passengers have rounded up 20 million rides to donate over $10 million dollars to communities across the country. We’re amazed by the collective impact you’ve all made through these small, but important actions.

Together, you’ve supported human rights, education, disaster relief efforts, and so much more. Your generosity has resulted in:

Curious which regions in the US are the most giving? Here’s who’s been the most giving, based on the dollar amount donated in each city:

GivingCities_2x (1).png

Thank you to everyone who has opted into Round Up & Donate so far — it’s truly a testament to small, everyday actions making real impact.

For those of you who don’t know, with Round Up & Donate passengers can opt in to round up each fare to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a cause of your choice. If you haven’t opted in to Round Up & Donate yet, visit the menu in your Lyft app and tap Donate to select a cause.


This number is proof that when millions of us sit for something together, we can make a real difference. Remember, the more you ride, the more you raise.