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Drivers and Riders Can Now Connect With Trained ADT Professionals Through the Lyft App

Rosie Bubb - Jun 25, 2020
Poster - lyft-and-adt-emergency-assistance-pilot

Lyft is committed to providing the tools and support our community needs to feel safe every time they ride or drive. We’re proud to work alongside ADT, America’s most trusted name in security, to enhance the standard of safety for the entire rideshare industry.  

In collaboration with ADT, we’re rolling out a new safety tool that allows drivers and riders to quickly get emergency help if they ever feel unsafe during the ride. The new feature is available in select cities, and rolling out to more drivers and riders in the coming weeks. We look forward to sharing more safety features in the coming months. 

Here’s How the New Feature Works:

Lyft app (left) and Lyft Driver app (right)

Lyft App
Lyft Driver App

Instantly Connect With Safety Specialists

Drivers and riders can connect with an ADT agent and get a response quickly — right from their app. 

Contact 911 Without Speaking a Word

Riders can simply tap ‘Alert 911 silently.’ As long as they don’t cancel the alert within 10 seconds, ADT will contact 911 and share location and car details. 

When drivers activate their ADT alert, ADT will always call. If there’s no answer, an ADT agent will contact 911 and share location and car details. 

Receive Status Updates From ADT 

ADT will display real-time updates in the Lyft app with the status of the emergency request, such as when 911 has been contacted.