Late Night Employee Program in Nashville

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Downtown Nashville bar and restaurant employees talk about the difficulties of working late nights. They often work until last call, and have a potentially unsafe walk to an expensive parking spot miles away.

Lyft Nashville is here to help make those late nights a little cheaper, and a lot easier for those valued, hard-working employees in The District (downtown Nashville).

Starting on 6/11/19, all eligible employees who work late night at establishments in The District can apply for the new Lyft Late Night Employee program.

The first 200 eligible applicants will receive:

  • 50% off 10 rides in The District area of Downtown Nashville during the month of June.

  • Rides are valid from 6/18/19  to 7/30/19 from Midnight until 5 a.m.

  • Employees must apply by providing proof of employment at an eligible location to be approved.

Have questions? See our FAQs below.


How do I apply?

Tap 'Apply Now' above and complete the form. It's that simple!

What information do you need to verify that I’m an eligible employee?

We ask that you upload a photo of a work schedule with your name on it or a redacted pay stub to verify employment.

When will I know if I am eligible and will receive the discount?

You will receive an email either way (if approved or not) within 3-4 business days after your application.

How are employees determined to be eligible to participate in the program?

Lyft Nashville will verify that the photo of your submitted work schedule or redacted pay stub is for a business that qualifies for the program.

What downtown late night locations are eligible for this promotion?

Any business that is open late-night hours (past midnight) in the confines of The District (Lower Broadway, 2nd Avenue/Riverfront and Printers Alley) downtown.

How many applicants will be accepted into the Late Night Employee program?

The first 200 eligible applicants will be approved and accepted into the program.