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Introducing Shared Saver, Our Most Affordable Ride

Amy Westhagen - Feb 20, 2019
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Meet your new everyday ride: Shared Saver. Getting to and from point A to point B just got easier whether youre commuting or running errands.

Walk a Little, Save a Lot@1x.png

Just wait a few minutes for a ride. Well find a pickup spot thats a quick walk (a few blocks, max) from you to meet your driver and co-riders. And ditto for your drop-off youll be just a short walk to your destination.

Sit Back While@1x.png

So, go ahead: finish your coffee before you leave for work or fire off that last email before you head home. With Shared Saver, youre always just a few minutes away from a shared ride at the lowest price available.

Here’s How It Works@1x.png
Here’s How It Works block@2x.png

*Prices vary by route and are based on time and distance.