Introducing Pick Me Up, a Podcast From Lyft and Gimlet Creative

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We’ve all been there: You’re sitting shotgun in a Lyft ride when your driver busts out the funniest joke you’ve heard all week. Or blasts your go-to jam on the speakers. Or quietly passes you a tissue when you just can’t keep it together. In our new podcast, you’ll get to know some of these amazing humans that drive with Lyft.

Today, we’re introducing Pick Me Up, from Lyft and Gimlet Creative, all about the people who are driven to get behind that wheel, and what motivates them on the way there.

You’ll meet five people who are driving toward something big. Like Marcelis in Oak Park, Illinois, who’s set on publishing his first children’s book, dedicated to his brother who recently passed away. Or Samuel in Manhattan, who’s rebuilding his life in a new city after losing his job to Hurricane Maria.

We’ll meet drivers on and off the road, and along the way, drivers will get a little pick me up to help them take that next step toward their goals — whatever they may be.

Tune in to episode one to meet Michelle, a mom in Indianapolis who’s helping her daughter with autism pursue her dolphin trainer dreams.

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