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Improving Our Interview Experience with Byteboard

Madi McCallum - Nov 18, 2019
Poster - 2019/11/18/improving-our-interview-experience-with-byteboard

At Lyft, our mission is to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. To deliver on our mission, we need to attract the best, most diverse talent pool that represents the breadth of the communities we serve. This year, our University Programs Team partnered with Byteboard, an identity-blind technical interview platform that assesses for on-the-job engineering skills. This partnership will help expand opportunities for more individuals to interview with Lyft. 

Since adopting Byteboard as our primary pre-onsite technical interview platform for college and graduate-level internships, we have been able to interview five times more intern candidates this fall — and shorten our interview timelines by half. This gets offers to top talent faster and allows us to make more internships available to candidates from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in tech.

Byteboard’s comprehensive skills assessment program currently provides our hiring teams a more holistic and consistent understanding of a candidate’s technical skill level early in the interview process. For our candidates, this means they have  the ability to spend more time engaging face-to-face with our recruiters and engineers about Lyft’s culture and values. Moreover, Byteboard’s approach to assessing candidates on core software engineering skills through practical, real-world problems provides our candidates a taste of how our engineering teams operate at Lyft — through collaboration and iteration. As one Lyft candidate said, “I’ve never coded a project like this for an interview. It got me really excited about the type of products I might get to build at Lyft.” 

As included in Lyft’s 2019 Inclusion and Diversity Annual Report, Workforce is one of our strategic pillars in our holistic approach as we continue to raise the bar for Inclusion and Diversity at Lyft. Byteboard’s structured, identity-blind evaluation of a candidate’s technical performance opens the door to a diverse slate of qualified candidates and enables hiring managers to make data-focused hiring decisions. We’re committed to ensuring that all qualified candidates have equal access to employment opportunities. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Byteboard to provide our internship candidates a chance to demonstrate that they possess the job-related knowledge and skills that are critical to success at Lyft. 

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