Taking a Stand for Immigration Rights With RAICES and Lyft

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America is an idea, not just a geography. This Fourth of July, let’s celebrate the American values of inclusivity, freedom, and opportunity by embracing the many ways it means to be American. 

Every one of us has a hand in defining what it means to be American. At Lyft, we celebrate this. A large number of both Lyft drivers and riders identify as immigrants and/or first-generation Americans, and it’s your stories that inspire us to continue to take a stand. Immigration is vital to the fabric of our cities where we live and work. Yet, we know every day, immigrant rights — including the simple right to live your life and be treated equitably — are being challenged. 

This Independence Day, we’re asking our community of passengers and drivers to join us by taking a stand for immigration rights.

Here’s what we’re doing together:

  • Round up your ride payment and donate to RAICES** **(Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), our newest Round Up & Donate partner. RAICES is on the frontlines providing social services, legal representation, and advocacy to immigrants and their communities. And for the entire month of July, we’ll match your donations, up to $50,000, to RAICES.

  • Lyft will be donating $150,000 in ride credits to support immigration organizations — including groups connected to the very Lyft drivers featured in our new documentary series.**

**Visit lyft.com/immigration, which highlights the lives and stories of our diverse Lyft driver community. These individuals and families are leaders in their respective communities, working everyday to help others. Each driver also represents real issues some immigrants face in the United States. 

  • Share your own story at lyft.com/stories. The driver stories featured in our new film series — such as Mark, who works with his advocacy partner Jules, along the US-Mexico border to provide rides and supplies to recently-admitted asylum seekers — are just a snapshot of some of the humanitarian Lyft drivers across the United States. These individuals and families are a vital part of civic life.

Over the past few years, Lyft has supported dozens of frontline immigration groups across the country focused on building and protecting an inclusive immigration system. In addition to our latest efforts, last July we partnered with dozens of immigration organizations across the country to provide free rides for immigrants and refugees. In 2017, in response to the Muslim Ban, we committed $1 million to the ACLU to help with more than 200 legal actions to protect immigrant rights. Lyft riders have also raised more than $3 million for the ACLU through Round Up & Donate.


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