Ditch Your Car with Lyft and Carvana

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Lyft launched 7 years ago with the goal of providing the world’s best transportation and reducing the need for personal vehicles. Since then, we’ve completed over one billion rides and challenged the way we view car ownership. Last year, almost half of our riders said they use their cars less because of Lyft and 22% reported that owning a car has become less important. With the average cost of owning and operating a new vehicle reaching nearly $10,000 a year† (not including parking), these trends aren’t surprising.

To accelerate this growing movement, we launched our first Ditch Your Car program in 2018. We encouraged over 150,000 riders to ditch their cars for 30 days, helping to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, we’ve partnered with Carvana — a simple, streamlined platform for selling your car — to bring back Ditch Your Car. Together, we’re challenging riders to go even further and ditch their cars and the dealership. 

When you sell your vehicle through the Ditch Your Car program, you’ll get:

  • A fair value for your car* 

  • $250 in Lyft credit

  • 3 free months of Lyft Pink

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Starting Nov. 7, select riders will receive an email invitation to participate by selling their personal vehicles with Carvana through Dec. 16.

  2. If you’ve received an invitation, click the link inside to start the appraisal process and get an offer in 2 minutes.

  3. From there, you can schedule a convenient pickup or drop-off for your vehicle.

  4. After an on-site review, Carvana will hand you a check for the full value of your car.

  5. Once you sell your vehicle, Carvana will add $250 in Lyft credit to your Lyft account and you’ll receive an email from us with activation instructions for your free trial of Lyft Pink.

To learn more, visit our FAQ page.

What’s Lyft Pink?

Lyft Pink is our new membership program that offers an elevated Lyft experience with preferred pricing to enable riders to unlock all their city has to offer. Read more about Lyft Pink perks here.Didn’t get an invitation to ditch your car? Join our waitlist, as we look to expand the program to more cities.

The True Cost of Owning a Car, August 11, 2019

Terms Apply (see below).

Ditch Your Car. Your participation in the Ditch Your Car Program is subject to the Program Terms located at: https://blog.lyft.com/ditch-your-car-with-lyft-and-carvana-faqs*

Lyft Pink Membership. Your use of Lyft Pink Membership is subject to the Lyft Pink Terms and Conditions located at: https://www.lyft.com/ridepass/lyft-pink/terms-and-conditions

Lyft Credits and Lyft Platform. Your use of Lyft Credits and Lyft Platform is subject to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy as available here: www.lyft.com/terms

The bonus consisting of $250 in Lyft Credits and 3 months of Lyft Pink Membership is available to recipients of this email and limited to one (1) per person. The bonus will be available to those who complete the Carvana car appraisal process between 11/6/19 and 12/16/19 and complete the sale of a vehicle based on a valid appraisal. All appraisals and car sales are handled by Carvana pursuant to its standard policies and procedures. For any tax considerations, please contact your tax advisor. 




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