Denver riders can now purchase RTD transit tickets directly in the Lyft app

The next step in multimodal travel: integrated public transportation payment.

Denver Transit

Today, we’re excited to announce a new way Denver riders can use Lyft to meet their transportation needs. In partnership with Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) public transit system and fare payments-as-a-service provider Masabi, we’re now enabling the purchase of local transit tickets directly in the Lyft app. 

Denver has been a city of historic firsts for Lyft, including the launch of Lyft Scooters in 2018. RTD and the City of Denver remain key partners as we work to provide more equitable and diverse transportation options. With Mobile Ticketing, riders will have one more way — alongside Lyft rideshare, car rentals, and scooters — to make reliable, contact-free ticket purchases right from the app. 

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How Mobile Ticketing works

Denver riders can now purchase tickets directly from the Transit tab in the Lyft app homescreen. There, they can easily search and compare routes, purchase multiple tickets via any credit or debit card currently enabled in Lyft*, and save unused tickets for up to 45 days. They can also view all available purchase tickets and activate a ticket with a single tap when they’re ready to ride. 

Helping communities move forward

In Denver, 58% of Lyft riders have reported using a Lyft service to get to or from a transit station. 

“Across our communities, we’ve seen how transportation access can unlock economic and social mobility,” said Patrick Quintana, General Manager, Lyft Bikes & Scooters in Denver. “We’re excited to strengthen partnerships with the local transit agency in support of our shared vision to reduce traffic, cut carbon emissions, and make transportation more equitable.” 

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On the horizon

Mobile Ticketing is big news in and of itself, but we aren’t stopping there — we also plan to integrate payments with trip planning. Soon, riders will be able to plan, purchase, and take a multimodal trip in a single, seamless flow without leaving the Lyft app. 

Stay tuned as this update rolls out across the Denver metro area. We look forward to enhancing your transportation experience from the palm of your hand. 

*Starting with major credit cards and debit cards, then expanding to prepaid cards, Lyft Cash, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and linked bank accounts in the near future.