Discover Denver's Newest Murals — on Bike or Scooter

Alexis Benveniste - Dec 12, 2023
(Image: Mike Arzt)

If you’re wandering through downtown Denver and see a particularly colorful patch of pavement, you’ve likely stumbled upon one of Pat Milbery’s new murals. The artist (and professional snowboarder) recently partnered with Lyft to transform seven bike and scooter stations into unique artistic masterpieces.

With an emphasis on bright colors and geometric shapes, Milbery’s murals are a nod to the Colorado landscape. “Think about these little stalls as portals of energy, opportunity, and connectivity,” Milbery says. They’re also part of an effort to revitalize the city via the Dynamic Downtown Denver project, which provided funding for the murals. 

Curious Coloradans can visit the murals on a Lyft-sponsored group ride or explore on their own with a self-guided tour by grabbing a bike or scooter and following the map below (ideally, starting the journey at 15th & Court).

Visit the murals on a Lyft-sponsored group ride or grab a bike/scooter and explore on your own. We recommend starting the self-guided tour at 15th & Court.

Milbery, who invited Denver community members to participate in the painting process, is hoping his art will nurture unexpected and transformational moments. “Hopefully it allows people to have a little joy added to their life,” Milbery says, adding that he wants it to encourage Denver residents to explore their downtown. “When you get out and do things, that’s when the most organic things happen.”

(Image: Mike Arzt)
(Image: Mike Arzt)