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Support California Wildfire Victims and United Way through Round Up & Donate

Kate Margolis - Nov 14, 2018
Wildfires in a forest

In response to the devastating wildfires across California, Lyft is committed to doing our part to help those in need. Today, we’re expanding our Relief Rides program to help those affected by the wildfires directly and inviting Lyft passengers to join us in supporting our community. Passengers nationwide can offer their support by riding with Lyft and choosing to round up their fares through our Round Up & Donate platform, with proceeds going to United Way’s California wildfire recovery efforts and the 2-1-1 program.

Late last week, Lyft activated its initial Relief Rides response in Southern California through United Way and the 2-1-1 Network by providing free transportation to those in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas. In Northern California, Lyft worked with United Way and 2-1-1 to offer free rides to individuals in San Francisco who are sensitive to poor air quality to transport them to a designated city shelter with filtered air. We’re building on this initial response with public Relief Rides available for each affected region.

Safety is our number one priority, and we are continuing to monitor the conditions and communicate with Lyft drivers, passengers, and government officials. As always, we look forward to providing rides to those who need them.

Our hearts go out to those impacted across California.

For more information on how these programs work and how you can participate, please see details below.

How Round Up & Donate Works

When you opt-in to Round Up & Donate, we’ll round up your fares to the nearest dollar, and donate the difference to United Way. (On average, Round Up & Donate adds just a few tax-deductible dollars per month.) United Way is helping to share vital information for people in wildfire zones and to facilitate Relief Rides in those areas.

Want to participate?

  1. Tap Donate in the menu of your Lyft app

  2. Choose United Way

How Relief Rides Work Relief Rides is our program where Lyft responds to natural disasters and other crises while extending our reach to others in need.

In both Northern and Southern California, passengers in need can use the ride codes below. Each ride code is good for 2 rides up to $15 until Monday, 11/26 while rides are available.

  • Northern California: In Northern California, individuals in need of transportation support can use the code CAMPRELIEF in Chico.

  • Southern California: In Southern California, individuals can use the code WOOLSEYRELIEF in the surrounding areas near Thousand Oaks, including Ventura and Los Angeles.