Black Women’s Roundtable, Human Rights Campaign and United State of Women join Lyft’s Safety Advisory Council

Poster - safety-advisory-council

There is nothing more important to Lyft than the safety of our riders and drivers. Since day one, we’ve worked continuously to improve the safety of our platform and the ridesharing industry by developing innovative products, policies, and processes. To identify and implement the right safety solutions for our community, it is critical to work with a diverse set of subject matter experts. That’s why, in January, we launched our Safety Advisory Council, a group of experts from sexual assault and violence prevention organizations as well as local and national law enforcement officials. 

Today, we are excited to announce the addition of three new members to our Safety Advisory Council joining us from expert organizations in civil and human rights: Melanie Campbell, President and CEO, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Convener of the Black Women’s Roundtable, Jay Brown, Senior Vice President of Programs, Research and Training at Human Rights Campaign and Jordan Brooks, Executive Director of the United State of Women.

Lyft’s Safety Advisory Council provides Lyft with invaluable perspectives as we work through complex safety decisions. Our partners help us identify additional opportunities to enhance safety and anticipate any unintended consequences of product or policy changes. By working directly with the team members at Lyft who work to make our platform even safer, Council members have quickly developed a deep understanding of safety at Lyft. They have already provided invaluable guidance on numerous Lyft safety efforts, such as our approach to ride verification and our ADT-integration pilot

As we continue our work on safety, we are committed to ensuring that the Council reflects the diversity of our Lyft community, especially those who face disproportionate societal risks to their safety due to their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

“We are grateful to our newest Safety Advisory Council members, who bring with them a depth of knowledge, experience, and passion for the communities they serve,” said Jen Brandenburger, Director of Public Policy for Community Safety and Head of the Safety Advisory Council. “The Council has quickly become a critical part of Lyft’s safety efforts, and we are so excited to bring our new members into the conversation as we continue to evolve our products and policies.”

More information about our new Safety Advisory Council members. 

Melanie Campbell, President and CEO, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Convener,  Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR). Ms. Campbell is a leader in the social justice movement, who has spent over 25 years advocating for civil, youth and women’s rights. As convener of the BWR, Ms. Campbell brings together some of the nation’s most influential Black women leaders to discuss and advocate for policies that support and advance women. Ms. Campbell was instrumental in the appointment of Black women to key positions within the Obama Administration, and is a recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Legacy Award for her work on election reform. Lyft has partnered with BWR in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing access to thousands of rides nationwide through the BWR network. As a LyftUp Alliance member, BWR has helped extend critical transportation resources to vulnerable seniors for essential needs like food access and medical appointments, and to  essential and non-essential workers that need to go to work. 

Jay Brown, Senior Vice President of Programs, Research and Training at Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Mr. Brown is a longtime advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) rights, with over 20 years of experience. As the largest national LGBTQ civil rights organization, HRC advocates for a world where LGBTQ people are ensured of their basic equal rights. At HRC, Mr. Brown oversees programming that spans a range of issues, including the workplace; children, youth and LGBTQ families; health and aging; HIV and AIDS; religion and faith; transgender justice; and the global LGBTQ movement. Lyft has partnered with HRC since 2017, when HRC became one of our first national LyftUp partners. Since then, Lyft and HRC have collaborated on a variety of initiatives to advance LGBTQ equality in our workforce and company policies, on our platform for riders and drivers, and externally through public policy advocacy and Pride campaigns. 

Jordan Brooks, Executive Director of the United State of Women (USoW). Ms. Brooks is the former Deputy Executive Director and Policy Advisor to the White House Council on Women and Girls in the Obama Administration. As Executive Director of USoW, Ms. Brooks leads the national organization's efforts to convene, connect, and amplify voices in the fight for full gender equity. Lyft and USoW share the view that equitable transportation is crucial to the advancement of women, who deserve safe and reliable options when it comes to getting around. 

For additional information about the Safety Advisory Council, including a list of founding members, see here.