How do I get a bonus for selling my car?If you are one of the select Lyft riders that received an email for this pilot program, all you need to do is click the ‘Get An Estimate’ link in the email to start the vehicle appraisal process with Carvana. Once you provide your vehicle information, get an offer, and sell your vehicle, Carvana will pick up your vehicle and hand you a check (assuming it has positive value after liens). After the sale is complete, Carvana will add $250 in Lyft credit straight to your Lyft account. After that, be on the lookout for an email that will welcome you to Lyft Pink, our new membership program, and includes 3 months free.

How is my vehicle being appraised?Lyft is not involved in the appraisal or the purchase of your vehicle. Please reach out to Carvana for questions around appraisal values. The value of your vehicle is not affected based on your participation in this program.

Who is eligible for this bonus?Only those initially selected for this program who received the offer email from Lyft are eligible for this promotion.

When will this be available to the public and in what markets?To ensure a great experience, this offer is only available to a select group of riders in three major markets (San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago), but we are currently assessing which markets to launch next! Feel free to join our waitlist here!

I sold my car but don’t see credits on my account. Why not?Please allow Carvana and Lyft up to 5 business days to process your credits. If you still have not received your credits, please reach out to Carvana support.

I sold my car but I have not received an email offering me 3 free months of Lyft Pink. Why not?Because of the volume of vehicle sales, we are only able to send these offer emails to eligible riders on 12/4/19, 12/16/19, and 1/6/20. If you sold your vehicle 5 days before one of these dates and still have not received an email, please first check your spam folder and then reach out to Lyft support.

I didn’t get an email, but I’m interested in ditching my car! How do I get on a waitlist?To express your interest in this program in the future, please share some details with us here to get on the waitlist.

How long does this pilot last?Riders that received the promotional email will be eligible for the bonus for six weeks (11/7/19 to 12/16/19. Riders must get their Carvana appraisal within that time period, which will remain valid for 7 days.

Do I actually have to sell my vehicle for good to get Lyft credits or can I buy another vehicle?No, nothing in this program is stopping you from turning around and buying another vehicle. You’ll still get your Lyft credits and membership offer regardless. But we’ll answer your question with another question: is a personal vehicle really still worth all the hassle and money?

Do my Lyft credits expire?No, they do not, so you can determine how to change your transportation habits at your own pace.

Does my offer for three months of Lyft Pink expire?Yes, you will get your three months free only if you redeem your Lyft Pink offer on or before 2/3/2020.

What is Lyft Pink?Lyft Pink is our new Membership program, now available to select Lyft riders. Please see here for details.

Once I get rid of my car, do I have to pay for gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and parking tickets anymore?You’ve just gotten rid of a vehicle -- so no, you definitely do not. (But you should probably pay the outstanding tickets.)

What are the Terms and Conditions for Ditch Your Car?

Last Updated: November 6, 2019.


The description of the Ditch Your Car Program (the “Program”) is available in the email to you from Lyft and/or Carvana and/or on the respective Lyft or Carvana webpage. Your participation in the Program is subject to these terms and conditions (the “Program Terms”), as well as the Lyft Terms of Service located at www.lyft.com/terms and other terms referenced below. Carvana may have additional terms applicable to your participation in the Program. Please contact Carvana for details. 

By participating in any way in the Program, including by selling, or taking steps to sell, your car through the Program, you agree to these Program Terms.  In the event of any conflict between these Program Terms and the Lyft Terms of Service, the Lyft Terms of Service will prevail. The Program is only available in the United States. The Program is limited only to those individuals who receive an email invitation from Lyft regarding the Program and are the owner of the car that is eligible for the Program. 

In the event you complete the sale of your car through the Program based on a valid vehicle appraisal obtained between 11/7/2019 and 12/16/2019, you will be eligible to receive from Lyft, in addition to any compensation you receive from Carvana, the following (“Bonus”): 

  • Lyft Credits in the amount of $250. Your use of Lyft Credits and the Lyft Platform is subject to the Lyft Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy as available here: www.lyft.com/terms. You can only use Lyft Credits if your Lyft account is in good standing and has not been suspended at the time of your use of Lyft Credits; and

  • Three (3) months of Lyft Pink membership (total value of $59.97) free of charge if you choose to register for it prior to January 31, 2020. Your Lyft Pink membership will commence on the day of your registration. Lyft will send you a Lyft Pink activation email after the sale of your car is complete, which may take up to a few weeks. Your use of Lyft Pink is subject to the Lyft Pink Terms and Conditions located at: https://www.lyft.com/ridepass/lyft-pink/terms-and-conditions

The Bonus is limited to one (1) per person. Lyft Credits be available in your Lyft account within five (5) business days from completion of the applicable car sale (as defined by Carvana). The Bonus will be available only if you complete the Carvana car appraisal process between 11/7/19 and 12/16/19 and complete the sale of your vehicle based on a valid appraisal. If you decide to proceed with the sale of your car after the appraisal, you will make good faith efforts to make the car available to Carvana and complete its sale within seven (7) days of the appraisal. All appraisals and car sales are handled by Carvana pursuant to Carvana’s standard policies and procedures. For any tax considerations, please contact your tax advisor. 

Lyft reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate your access to the Program if Lyft suspects that you have engaged in fraudulent activity. Lyft reserves the right to modify these Program Terms at any time, effective upon posting to the Program webpage. Your continued participation in the Program following such modification will constitute your agreement to the revised Program Terms. Except as explicitly stated above, Lyft further reserves the right to modify, limit, or discontinue the Program in Lyft’s sole discretion. THE PROGRAM AND THE BONUS ARE PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. Bonus is non-refundable, has no cash value, is not redeemable for cash (except as required by law), and may not be transferred, exchanged or resold. The Program may not be combined with other promotions, discounts or offers, unless such combination is expressly permitted. Taxes apply where applicable.