Frequently Asked Questions
About Lyft Pink (and the perks)
How does Lyft Pink work?
How do I get the latest Lyft Pink perks?
Does the 15% rideshare discount apply to all Lyft rides?
Do drivers still get paid the full amount for discounted rides?
How does the Grubhub+ or Seamless+ perk work?
How do relaxed ride cancellations work?
How does the bike perk work and where is it available?
How does the scooter perk work and where is it available?
How does the car rental upgrades perk work?
How do priority airport pickups work?
Do Lyft Pink members pay return fees for lost items?
Does Lyft Pink work on Business Profile rides?
Where can I find my membership once I buy it?
Can the Lyft Pink perks change?
What are the full terms and conditions for this membership?
Plan Selection
What’s the difference between Lyft Pink’s monthly and annual plans?
How long will the Lyft Pink annual membership last?
How long will the Lyft Pink monthly membership last?
If I have a Lyft Pink monthly plan, can I upgrade to the annual plan?
Payment and Plan Management
Does Lyft Pink cover tips?
Does Lyft Pink work with other promotions?
How do I update my payment method?
How do membership fee refunds work?
Can I pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, or prepaid cards?
How do sales taxes work for Lyft Pink?
Can I cancel my membership?
Can I pause my membership?
How do Lyft Pink introductory offers work?