We want every ride to be a safe ride.

Millions of Lyft rides happen every single day. Our goal is to ensure every one of them is safe and comfortable from start to finish. So we invest in safety innovation and build in-app safety features. We provide around-the-clock support. We educate our community about what’s appropriate. All with the goal of protecting every member of our community.


Criminal record checks

Every driver must pass an annual background check, which includes a search of national and local databases and a national sex offender registry search.

Driving record checks

Drivers must also pass a DMV check to ensure they have a clean driving record, a valid driver’s license, and more.

Ongoing monitoring

We conduct continuous criminal monitoring and driving record checks of current drivers, so we catch any new violations.

community guidelines icon

Community Guidelines

Be safe. Be respectful. Be helpful. Every rider and driver must agree to uphold a high standard of conduct before they can use Lyft. Violation of our guidelines can lead to deactivation.

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Safety education

We require every driver to complete a safety education program created in collaboration with RAINN to ensure drivers know what behavior is acceptable in a Lyft ride — and to help prevent inappropriate behavior.


911 screen

911 is just a few taps away

To give you immediate access to emergency help in case you ever need it (and to help you ride a little easier even when you don’t), we built a 911 button into your app. It’s there for both riders and drivers, and when you tap it, the app will display your current location and vehicle info so you can quickly share details with emergency dispatchers.

Predicting when someone needs help app

Predicting when someone needs help

Coming soon: In some cases, if we notice your ride has stopped too soon or for an unusual amount of time, drivers and riders will hear from Lyft. We’ll ask if you need support, and if necessary, we’ll give you the option to request emergency assistance.

share location screen

Share your trip info

You can share your location and route with a friend so someone knows where you are when you’re driving or riding with Lyft. They can also follow along in real time.

We’ve got you — 24/7

We’ve got you — 24/7

Our Support Team is always standing by, ready to help — by phone or email. You can also reach us through our Critical Response Line if you ever need to speak to someone right away.

Ratings mean action feature

Ratings mean action

If you rate a rider or driver three stars or less, we’ll make sure you aren’t matched together again. We look into rides that receive low ratings. Any rider or driver who’s found in violation of our Community Guidelines can be deactivated from the platform.

Your contact info stays private

Your contact info stays private

When you call or text through the Lyft app, your passenger or your driver will see a masked number. Your passenger, your driver, or co-rider won’t see your contact details — including your last name and phone number.

Lyft Safety Advisory Council

Lyft’s Safety Advisory Council is a group of subject matter experts who advise Lyft on both current and planned safety initiatives. The Council provides critical perspectives on Lyft’s work to further strengthen the safety of the platform. Through close partnership with a diverse set of member organizations — including RAINN, It’s On Us, the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA), the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, and National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives — the Council supports Lyft in building safety products, features, and processes enhancing safety for all community members. In addition to membership on the Council, Lyft also partners with these organizations on dedicated safety projects.


RAINN logo


RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US. We work with RAINN to educate our community about what’s acceptable in a Lyft ride and help prevent inappropriate behavior.



We partner with the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) to understand transportation safety concerns for women and build safety features that address them.

It's On Us logo

It’s On Us

It’s On Us began as an initiative of the Obama-Biden White House and is now the nation's leading youth sexual violence prevention program working to combat college sexual assault. Lyft is partnering with It’s On Us to amplify safety education around ridesharing on college campuses.

NSA logo

National Sheriffs’ Association

Lyft and NSA work together on programs for roadway safety, safe elder mobility, anti-human trafficking efforts, and supporting victims of domestic violence. As part of that work, the NSA manages local county grants that provide rideshare transportation to victims of domestic violence and crime victim services.

NOBLE logo

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)

Lyft and NOBLE have partnered on a number of efforts, including a focus on transportation equity, including Get Out the Vote and Lyft’s Grocery Access Program.


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Rider safety

See all safety features and get safety advice from top riders and drivers.

know who you’re picking up

Driver safety

Discover all safety features and find resources to get your safety questions answered.

The Lyft safety fact sheet

We’re committed to the safety of our community.