The more we ride, the more we raise

Support the causes that you believe will make the world a better place.

Why Your Seat Matters

On average, Round Up & Donate adds just a few dollars per month. But when we all sit together, our collective action can make a big difference.

How You Can Participate

Opt in to Round Up & Donate through the 'Donate' button in the 'Menu' (look for the heart). Once you turn it on and choose your cause, we’ll automatically round up each fare.

Who You're Helping

From supporting our veterans to fighting homelessness, our charitable partners are chosen to align with the values of the Lyft community. It’s up to you which cause you want to contribute to. See all causes here.


  • How many other organizations will you bring on board, and when?

    We'll add new charitable partners a few times a year, and we'll send you a notification when we do.

  • How much should I expect to donate each month?

    On average, passengers donate just a few dollars each month.

Have more questions?

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