What the New TLC Rules Mean for You

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What the New TLC Rules Mean for You

The TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) recently introduced rules to discourage rideshare companies from having more active drivers on the road than passenger demand. In response to the new rules, we are required to take steps to ensure drivers are spending their time on the road with passengers in their cars.

While we disagree with these new regulations — because we believe they will have a long-term, negative impact on demand for Lyft drivers’ earnings — we are committed to helping you maximize your earnings. And we will continue to advocate for fairer regulations with the TLC. Read on to learn how the TLC rules will affect you and your driving.

How is Lyft responding to the TLC’s rules?

Starting June 27, the number of drivers who can be on the road at any given time will be determined by passenger demand — and spots may be limited. This means if there’s low demand, you may have to drive to busier areas or wait to go online and drive once demand picks back up.

We’ll provide guidance on the busiest times and places to drive to help you plan ahead and stay busy with rides so you can maximize your earnings.

When and where will the app changes go into effect?

The app changes go into effect on June 27 in New York City.

Who has priority to drive?

Drivers who maintain an acceptance rate above 90% and complete 100 rides in 30 days have priority to drive — and don't have to worry about the new app changes. Drivers with priority can drive anywhere at any time — even areas with low demand. Express Drive and WAV drivers are also exempt from these changes.

How will I know if I have priority to drive?

If you qualify for priority driving, we’ll send you a notification via email and in-app.

How do I maintain priority to drive?

To continue to have driving priority, please be sure to maintain an acceptance rate above 90% and complete at least 100 rides in a month. Here’s how to view your acceptance rate and ride count in the Driver Dashboard.


What are the orange areas on the map?

The orange areas on the map show areas that have high demand. If you drive to the orange area, you’re more likely to be able to drive and stay busy with rides, but your spot online is not guaranteed. Tap and hold an orange area to navigate there.


Tips for Going and Staying Online

  1. Start where and when it’s busy: Increase your chances of going online by driving in high-demand areas, at peak hours.

  2. Accept rides to keep driving: Only cancel a ride if you really need to. We’ll have to take you offline if you miss or cancel two rides in a row, but we’ll always let you know before this happens.

  3. Move to busy areas: If demand drops, move to a busier area to stay online. If it’s busy near you, you’ll see this map with orange indicating busy areas. Tap and hold an orange area to navigate there. Unfortunately, if you haven't gotten a ride in 30 minutes, we may have to take you offline.

What if I Have More Questions?

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