Share What Makes Your Ride Unique to Enter to Win $100


Whether you give the best advice, pride yourself on your Dad jokes, or sing karaoke with your passengers, we want to know: what makes your ride extra special? Do you have a secret sauce?

Enter to Win

Tell us — or better yet, show us! — what makes you unique as a Lyft driver by submitting a short video clip below. We’ll select our favorites based on originality, creativity, and clarity to feature in an upcoming compilation. If we feature yours, you’ll score $100. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Open the video app on your phone, making sure to hold it vertically.

  2. Roll camera and tell us what makes you/your ride unique in 30 seconds or less 

  3. Submit your video here.

  4. Give yourself a high five.

Contest entries must be received by 7PM PT on January 31, 2020. See Official Rules.

Get Creative

Need more inspiration? Check out these drivers:

  • Atlanta driver Jackee is a superhuman conversationalist from her years as a hair stylist

  • As a musician, Jules loves jamming out with his passengers 

  • This leveled-up Lyft driver goes above and beyond with video games in the backseat (!)

  • Jeanette keeps a "joy journal" in her car for passengers to leave kind words to others We can’t wait to hear your story!