Seattle Inspections

Seattle inspections

Complete Your Car Inspection

We offer free inspections at the Seattle Lyft Hub. Please note that inspections are unavailable during major holidays or in severe weather conditions.

Lyft Seattle Hub 

Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM

4323 Airport Way Seattle, WA 98108

Book an appointment via the ‘Documents’ tab in the Lyft Driver app.

If you cannot make it to an inspection during the hours listed above, you can also visit any of the following city-approved technicians for an inspection. All you need to do is have the mechanics fill out this inspection form, and send us your required photos through the Lyft app or Help Center. 

Inspections typically cost around $50, but can vary depending on the facility. We recommend calling ahead to confirm price and availability.

Please download the Lyft app before your inspection and bring the following items:

  1. The car you'll be driving with

  2. Your driver's license

  3. Washington State Registration

  4. Insurance (with your name on it)

Need Support? Book an appointment to visit us at the Lyft Hub for in-person support or visit the Lyft Help Center.