Scheduled Pickups

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Introducing Scheduled Pickups for Future Earnings

Whether you live in the moment or have the rest of 2017 planned out, the newest driver feature will help you maximize every minute on the road. With scheduled pickups, you can see estimated fares and routes in advance — then add the pickups you want. Even better? Passengers often use this feature for longer trips and airport rides, which usually means higher fares.

We’re gradually rolling out scheduled pickups in cities across America. Make sure you have the latest version of the app to take advantage of this feature.

How it Works

1. Go to ‘Scheduled pickups’

Open the app and tap on your picture in the top left corner to find the ‘Scheduled pickups’ tab.

2. Add pickups

Claim pickups by adding them to ‘My pickups.’ Make sure you can complete the ride before you add it (each ride can only be added by one driver).

Estimated fares do not factor in commission, Prime Time, bonuses, route changes, etc.
Estimated fares do not factor in commission, Prime Time, bonuses, route changes, etc.

3. Get online and accept

Make sure you’re near enough to the pickup location that you can get there on time. We'll send you a reminder, and then you'll have five minutes to tap “Accept.”

 A Note on Cancellations

Since these pickups are set within a specific timeframe, there are a few more things to know about cancellations. Here’s the deal:

  • If a passenger cancels a scheduled pickup before you tap “Accept”: We’ll let you know, and you can always add more pickups.

  • If a passenger cancels after you tap “Accept” and within 30 minutes of the scheduled pickup: You’ll receive the usual cancellation fee. See the Help Center for details.

  • If you remove a scheduled pickup after you’ve added it to ‘My pickups’: This could affect your acceptance rate. Please try to avoid this, as passengers count on you to get them to their destinations

  • If you cancel a scheduled pickup after you tap “Accept”: The same policies apply as with a normal Lyft.   Well, what are you waiting for? Your future earnings are calling. Get started