Meet Theory, the Philly Driver and US Army Vet With Big Dreams Who Gets a Visit From a Childhood Hero: Ashanti

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Theory dreams of making it big as an R&B musician — and wants to win her first Grammy within five years. It’s a dream she’s had since childhood, but she took a detour after high school and enlisted the US Army. Soon after, Theory was deployed to Afghanistan, where she served as a combat photographer.

Music has been a refuge through some of the toughest times in Theory's life, like her tour in Afghanistan.

“And so I just went to my commander and I was like, Imma be honest with you, outside of the Army, this is what I do and I showed her, like, my music videos … and when I left she basically was like the next time I see you, you better be famous.”

Now Theory’s back in Philly, driving with Lyft, and pursuing her music career full steam ahead. She hit a speed bump recently, when the promise of a record deal fell through. To help her get back on track, we set up a surprise meeting with someone who could share savvy career advice and wisdom. And that someone was none other than Theory’s childhood hero: the triple-platinum, Grammy winning R&B artist, Ashanti.

In episode 5 of Pick Me Up, Theory shares her story. Follow along as Theory moves toward her dream of being a full-time R&B musician post-deployment.

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