Find High Demand With Personal Power Zones

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When you’re on the road, you should always know where to drive to make progress toward your goals. You’ve shared that Prime Time helps you see where it’s busy, but isn’t a consistent way to earn more. So we’re replacing it with something better: a clearer, more reliable way to find high demand and score a bonus on your next ride.

Updates to Personal Power Zones (April, 2019)

  • New! Earn when your passenger is in the zone. We’ll now guarantee a bonus when your pickup is in the zone — no matter where you are when you accept the ride.

  • New! Earn in Destination Mode. Got plans? You can now earn bonuses from Personal Power Zones when you’re in Destination Mode.

  • Coming soon! Bonus alerts. We’ll let you know as soon as you lock in bonuses.

Meet Personal Power Zones

Rolling out in select cities in the coming months, Personal Power Zones reward you with a ride bonus every time you drive through a high demand zone.

Demand (and bonuses) you can count on Personal Power Zones appear when there’s high demand nearby, making it easy to see exactly where you’ll earn bonuses.

Within your reach Personal Power Zones are based on your location, so you won’t have to drive across town to find your next ride and your next bonus.

What you see is what you get You’ll see the bonus amount up front, so you’ll always know how much you’re getting — before you give a ride. No more guesswork.


Drive into the purple zone, guarantee a bonus on your next ride. Whenever you see a Personal Power Zone, drive toward it to score a bonus on your next ride. 


Drive into the pink zone, guarantee an even bigger bonus.  The highest demand — and the highest bonus — is in the pink zone. The longer you stay in the pink zone, the bigger your bonus gets. 


Give a ride, get your bonus.  Once you've gotten a bonus guarantee, stay online and accept your next request. You'll earn the bonus when you complete that ride. 

See demand all over town

We know that seeing where demand is high helps you plan your time on the road, so we’re introducing a more reliable way to find where you’re most likely to get rides. When there’s no Personal Power Zone nearby, you’ll see a map of where demand is trending all over town.


A few things to keep in mind

  • Personal Power Zones appear when demand is high nearby. You won't always see one when you go online, but you'll still see where you're most likely to get a ride.

  • As a part of the new experience, you'll no longer see or earn Prime Time in your app.

  • If you go offline, cancel a ride, or miss a request, you’ll lose the guarantee.

  • You can only earn one bonus per trip. If it's a Line ride, you'll earn one bonus on the whole trip — not each pickup.

More questions? More answers: 

What happens if I’m driving toward a Personal Power Zone but get a ride before I reach it? If your passenger is in the zone, you’ll be eligible for a bonus as soon as you accept the ride. If your passenger is outside the zone, you won’t be eligible for the bonus.

How will this change impact my earnings? In the cities where we’ve been testing this new experience, drivers earned more on average compared to previous experiences.

Why is Lyft making this change? You’ve let us know that earning Prime Time bonuses isn’t a consistent experience, so Personal Power Zones are designed to create more reliable earning opportunities. That’s why you won’t see Prime Time once the new experience has rolled out.

Why don’t I see a Personal Power Zone when I go online? You may not see a Personal Power Zone every time you drive. When you don’t see a Personal Power Zone, your map will still show you where you’re most likely to get a ride, but you won’t get a bonus. When there aren’t as many passengers requesting rides, like in the wee hours of weekdays, you may not see any demand maps.

Why do other drivers see different demand zones? Your Personal Power Zone is all yours: It’s based on demand near you. Drivers in other parts of town will see the demand that matches their location.

Will the bonus amount stay the same if I complete a ride with a high fare?   The bonus you see in the app is the bonus you get. But there are times when demand is extremely high or your trip is longer than usual. When that happens, we’ll boost your bonus. If we do so, you’ll see the new amount on your ride receipt.

How does Lyft calculate driver pay? Check out this article for a full breakdown.