Overview: How When (and Where) You Drive Affects Your Pay

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Because you’re compensated for every minute and mile you spend with passengers, maximizing your time with a passenger in your backseat is key to your success on the road. But how do you explain why certain times of day — and certain places — feel much busier than others?

Here are the three things you should know: 

  1. Know when (and where) passengers need rides

  2. Know how you earn

  3. Increase the time you spend driving passengers

Know When (and Where) Passengers Need Rides 

We know that a quick change in the volume of ride requests you receive — even in the span of an hour! — can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Ultimately, the reason for that change is because rides happen when and where passengers need them. That feeling of relative slowness or busyness depends on how many people are looking for a ride near you when you’re there — so the more densely populated an area is with passengers on-the-go, the more likely it is that you’ll be quickly matched with a passenger.

Know How You Earn

Because you earn strictly for the time and distance you drive passengers, the most successful Lyft drivers are those who master the art of finding the busiest times and places near them.


Increase the Time You Spend Driving Passengers

Knowing when and where to drive in your region will help increase the time you spend with passengers — also known as your percentage booked time — and therefore, boost your earnings.

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