Hot spots: Clearer demand, clearer earnings

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Hot spots: new and improved for clearer demand

Seeing where passengers are requesting rides around town helps you plan your time on the road. That’s why we created hot spots, a new map feature that empowers you to drive smarter by showing passenger demand in real time. And high demand areas increase your chances of getting rides — and earning more. Hot spots will be rolling out to select cities in the coming months.

How hot spots work

When there’s high demand, you’ll see hot spots on the home screen map in the Lyft Driver app. Zoom in or zoom out — you’ll see exactly where passengers are requesting more rides in your region.

What’s new?


More coverage: Drivers can now see a region-wide view where passengers are requesting rides.


Navigation: Tap the icon to navigate to a hot spot or tap and hold anywhere else on your map to navigate there.

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Levels of demand: Hot spots will now show areas that are busier than others — the busiest areas will show an icon on the map.

Frequently asked questions

Do I earn more for driving to a hot spot?

You will not receive a bonus for driving to or within a hot spot. This feature is meant to help guide you to an area where you are more likely to get a ride.

What is happening to the demand maps I used to see?

As a part of the new hot spots experience, you will no longer see the previous demand map view in your app.

When will I see a hot spot vs. a Personal Power Zone?

Even though Personal Power Zones are not always available, we heard that drivers still prefer to have more tools to see where they’re more likely to get a ride. If you’re in an area with high passenger demand but Personal Power Zones are not available, you’ll see hot spots.

What determines whether a hot spot shows up in my specific area?

The frequency of seeing hot spots in a specific area is highly dependent on passenger demand in your city. When there aren’t as many riders requesting rides — such as the very early morning hours on weekdays — you may not see any hot spots.

How are hot spots different from the predicted demand view in my app?

Hot spots are based on current, real-time demand in your area, and the predicted demand view is based on future predictions of demand.