Essential Deliveries: Drive, Earn, and Help Support Your Community

Essential Deliveries program header

With Essential Deliveries, Lyft actively works with businesses and organizations that need delivery services. You can earn more by delivering essential items like groceries, prescriptions, home necessities, auto-parts, and more to communities and individuals in need. This is a new initiative and we’re continuing to make improvements to the experience.

Updates to Essential Deliveries (July, 2020)

Our latest update brings drivers new features designed to enhance their delivery experience:

  • Multi-Stop Deliveries: Earn more by delivering multiple packages to different stops in one delivery ride.  

  • Returning Undeliverable Items: If you have any issues with dropping off a package, you’ll be guided to bring it back to the original pickup location.

  • Proof of Delivery via Photo:  Complete a drop-off by taking a picture of the delivered package to show that you’ve dropped it off and have moved on to the next drop-off. 

How does it work?

View and accept delivery rides in the Lyft Driver app

Essential Delivery rides show up just like ride requests — it will just say ‘Delivery’ as the ride type.

Go to the pickup location and pick up the package 

You’ll receive instructions from the organization in your app about where to pick up the prepared package.

Drive the package to the drop-off location 

Follow the organization’s drop-off instructions in the app — deliveries will never require any contact with the recipient.

Essential deliveries screenshot


How do I sign up?

When Essential Deliveries becomes available in your city, you’ll get an email or in-app message to sign up. Once you have signed up, you may get matched with delivery rides in your area, but there is no guarantee. 

When will this come to my region?

As we get more partners that need deliveries, we’ll start rolling out to more regions. We want to make sure we do what’s most helpful for our drivers and their communities.

What if I don’t want to do delivery?

This program is optional, and not something you have to participate in. If you sign up and then decide you don’t want to continue, you can opt out from the program at any time. 

By signing up, am I guaranteed delivery rides?

If you sign up for the pilot, you may start seeing delivery rides in your queue, but signing up does not guarantee that you’ll always receive delivery rides. 

Can I only get delivery rides?

Not at this time. An Essential Deliveries ride will be in addition to your regular rides. 

How do I know it’s a delivery ride?

Delivery rides show up the same way as passenger rides do in the Lyft Driver app. Under ride type, you’ll see: ‘Delivery.’

What types of packages will I deliver?

Essential Deliveries packages may include meals, groceries, essential auto parts, prescriptions, and more. All packages will be less than 50lbs.