See a Clear View of Your Earnings

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We’ve heard from drivers that seeing how much you’ll get paid is harder than it needs to be. So we’ve updated the ‘Earnings’ tab in the app to show your net earnings. The amount you earn won’t change at all. We’ve simply removed Lyft’s fees and commission for you, so that you can immediately see what matters most: The amount you take home.

We want to reiterate that nothing has changed with your pay. You’ll still earn based on the time and distance of each ride. And now, when you open the ‘Earnings’ tab, you'll see 'Earnings' where 'Ride Payments' used to be. This amount is 100% yours. No math or deductions necessary.


 To see this change, you'll need to update your app to the latest version of Lyft Driver.  


Are you sure this won’t change what I earn?

Yes. The amount you earn is still based on the time and distance of each ride — plus all your tips and bonuses. This update just means you won’t have to do the math to know how much you take home.

Where can I see how much I’ll get paid?

You can always access your earnings information in three places:

  1. On the ‘Rating’ screen after every ride

  2. In the Lyft Driver app, in the ‘Earnings’ tab

  3. In your Driver Dashboard

Will I still see my earnings with Lyft’s fees and commission anywhere?

Yes. There are also a few places where you’ll still see your earnings with Lyft’s fees and commission:

  1. In the daily and weekly ride history on your Driver Dashboard

  2. In weekly guarantees and other incentives

  3. When you see estimates for rides you give in Power Zones

See your earnings in the Driver Dashboard.

With this update, the earnings in the app will match the earnings in your Driver Dashboard. This is the amount you’ll receive when you cash out, plus tips and bonuses.