The Driver’s Guide to Pay

Pay basics

How pay works, when and where to drive, and earnings breakdowns.

Earning smarter

Finding ride demand, getting bonuses, and maximizing earnings.

Making more

Instant pay, savings on driving costs, and cash bonuses.


How your pay works

You get paid for the time and distance of a trip. Plus, you keep all of your tips and bonuses. Learn how pay works, see when and where to drive, and get a breakdown of your recent earnings.

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You get paid for each minute of every trip, based on your per-minute rate. Per-minute rates vary by city. You can always find your per-minute rate in your rate card.

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You get paid for each mile of every trip, based on your per-mile rate. Per-mile rates vary by city. You can always find your per-mile rate in your rate card.

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When passengers tip you for superior service or a clean car, you keep 100% of those earnings. Always.

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Bonuses become available when more passengers need rides. You’re more likely to earn bonuses during busy times and in busy locations. See bonuses and busy hours in your app.

Understanding Your Pay

Learn more: Understanding Your Pay

See how time, distance, tips, and bonuses all add up to what you’re paid. Take the tutorial.

When & Where to Drive

Learn more: When & Where to Drive

Get tips on when and where to drive from other drivers. Take the tutorial.

Your earnings breakdown

Your earnings breakdown

See what you made, including ride earnings, tips, and bonuses in your Lyft Driver app.


How to earn more with in-app tools

Rush hour and New Year’s Eve may provide more opportunity than other times of day or slower times of the year. The Lyft Driver app can help you find the best times and places to drive.

Real-time demand maps

Real-time demand maps

If there are lots of passengers who need rides in your city, you’ll see hot spots on the map on your home screen. Just drive toward these high-demand areas to get ride requests.

Demand forecasts

Demand forecasts

See when people are most likely to need rides in your city. Demand forecasts show you a graph of the busiest hours of each day. And, you can check out anticipated demand for the entire week.

Opportunities this week

Opportunities this week

With bonus details, local event info, and recommended driving times, your app shows you what you need to plan your week — and make even more.


How to get paid and increase earnings

Instant access to earnings, cash for driving during busy hours, and savings on driving-related costs may all be available in your city. And, we’re currently building even more ways to save you more.

Lyft Direct

Lyft Direct

Get paid instantly after every ride and get cash back on gas, groceries, and select dining. Just your earnings and cash back, right in your wallet — no transfer fees, no waiting periods. Learn more.

Get paid instantly

You’ll get instant access to your earnings on a debit card, with a secure bank account from Stride Bank.

Cash back on gas everywhere

Earn up to 5% cash back at any gas station you choose, based on your Lyft Rewards driver status.

Groceries and more

Earn cash back on groceries and select dining with your Lyft Direct debit card.

Vehicle services

Vehicle services

Save time and money with quality, low-cost vehicle services. Lyft Driver Centers, Lyft Mobile Service, and our Openbay partnership were all built to keep you on the road and earning. Learn more.

Lyft Driver Centers

We’re building Driver Centers around the country where you can save time and money on vehicle services, and get driver support, too.

Lyft Mobile Service

We’re launching Mobile Service in more cities to bring car services directly to you.

Lyft and Openbay

We’ve partnered with Openbay so drivers all over the country can get access to car maintenance and service.

lyft rewards

Lyft Rewards

Get cash bonuses, gas savings, 24/7 roadside assistance savings, and more with Lyft Rewards. Earn points by driving during Lyft’s busy hours and providing exceptional service. Learn more.

Cash bonuses

Gold and Platinum drivers get cash bonuses for driving during busy hours. Silver drivers and above can get ride credit.

Big gas savings

Silver drivers get 2% cash back on gas anywhere. Gold drivers get 4% cash back on gas anywhere. And Platinum drivers get 5% back.

Allstate savings

Save on 24/7 Allstate roadside assistance — available to all Lyft Rewards drivers.

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*Lyft Rewards, Lyft Driver Centers, and Lyft Direct debit card are not available everywhere.