Express Drive rentals are not eligible for Mobilitas insurance at this time.

Auto insurance built exclusively for rideshare drivers

Have peace of mind on the road. Switch to an all-in-one auto insurance policy with Mobilitas today.

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Know you’re covered

You’re covered whenever you drive — whether you’re driving a passenger or picking up your dinner.

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Money back for every Lyft ride

Mobilitas policy holders with eligible rideshare insurance can get $0.50 for each completed ride on the Lyft platform – up to $1,000 every six months.

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Unlock accurate pricing

Mobilitas uses your Lyft driving data to get you a better, more accurate price.

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Turn to Mobilitas for support

When you have a single auto insurance provider, there’s no question of who to go to in the event of an accident.

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Switch with ease

Get your quote and your new policy directly through the Lyft Driver app.

Lyft Center, Inc., a subsidiary of Lyft, Inc., has partnered with Mobilitas to connect Lyft drivers to an all-in-one auto insurance policy that was built exclusively for rideshare drivers. Mobilitas is a flexible insurance provider creating custom insurance solutions for the mobility sector.

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