Minnesota Driver Application Requirements

Applicant Requirement Checklist

View Minneapolis/St. Paul applicant requirements.

Document Requirements
  • Driver's license
  • Personal vehicle insurance
  • Driver photo
  • Vehicle registration (Duluth only)
  • Vehicle inspection (Duluth and Mankato only)
Vehicle Requirements
  • 2009 or newer:
    • Duluth
  • 2003 or newer: All other cities
  • 4 doors
  • 5-8 seats, including the driver's

Application Steps


Start an Application

Apply to drive with Lyft.


Upload Your Documents

Take photos of each of the documents below and upload them in the Dashboard.

  • Driver's license
    Drivers are required to have a valid driver's license. If you only have a temporary license, take a side-by-side photo of your old driver's license next to the temporary license. See example.
  • Personal vehicle insurance
    Drivers are required to have personal vehicle insurance.
  • Driver photo
    Lyft requires a photo of all drivers. Your driver photo is a passenger’s first impression of you when they request a ride.
  • Vehicle registration (Duluth only)
    Drivers in Duluth are required to upload a photo of their vehicle registration.
  • Vehicle inspection (Duluth and Mankato only)

    Drivers in Duluth are required to have their vehicle inspected by an ASE certified mechanic. An inspection location will be assigned in your driver application.

    Drivers in Mankato may visit any mechanic with Lyft's inspection form.


Become Approved

Lyft will notify you when you've been approved as a driver. Until then, you can check your application status for updates.

Get Set to Drive

Trade dress emblem placement
Drivers are encouraged to display the Lyft emblem while in driver mode. The Lyft emblem is Lyft’s official trade dress. It helps passengers and law enforcement identify your vehicle.

The Lyft emblem should be displayed in the lower corner of your windshield on the passenger side every time you enter driver mode. Make sure to remove the emblem when you are not in driver mode.