Your small change can make big change

Together — through our Lyft Up program — we can provide access to affordable, reliable transportation for all.

Someone standing and smiling next to a Citi Bike.

Transportation is a path to new beginnings

Access to transportation is one of the biggest drivers of social and economic mobility. Through our Lyft Up program, we’re providing access to rides that’ll help underserved communities reach essential resources and services. Join us — and partners like Goodwill® and United Way — in lifting up our communities and helping close opportunity gaps.


Everyone deserves access to transportation

Millions of people lack access to basic human needs because they can’t get a ride. You can join us in helping more people get rides to critical resources — many of our donation partners are extending transportation access through Lyft Up initiatives.


Chip in every time you ride

Tap ‘Donate’ in the menu of your Lyft app (look for the heart icon) and opt- in to round up the cost of your ride. Once you do that, we’ll automatically round up the cost of your ride to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to the organization you choose.


Support a worthy organization

When you donate through the Lyft app, you can support organizations that help provide free and discounted rides to those who need them most — young people who don’t have a way to get around their cities, underserved immigrants and refugees, disaster survivors in need of critical resources, and more. See all the organizations you can support.

Learn more about Lyft Up.

We don’t accept applications for this program. Nonprofit organizations can apply for a Lyft Up Grant.