Developer Products:

Completely own the passenger experience. Build your own notification system, handle billing, and seamlessly order on-demand and scheduled rides with Dispatch. Your users don't need a Lyft account—or even a smartphone. Dispatch leverages Lyft's driver network for affordable, safe, happy rides.

Integrate Dispatch to unlock these use cases and more.

Healthcare & Elderly Mobility

Provide patients with safe and reliable transportation to their health provider. Or empower those who otherwise can’t transport themselves. Whether it’s visiting their loved ones or their favorite museum, build a transportation solution that gets them there using Dispatch.


Give users on your events planning platform the ability to provide their guests with a Lyft ride. Through Dispatch, any app that handles event creation and meetups can provide transportation to events — increasing participation and engagement. Leave the driving to us.


Whether you’re building a solution for hotels, restaurants, or concierge platforms, greatly enhance the user experience by integrating with Dispatch to provide transportation to patrons and VIPs. Restaurants can have a Lyft ride scheduled for patrons programmatically in time for their dinner reservation — and even have the ride charged on the restaurant bill.

Courtesy Rides

Build the ultimate concierge solution that includes courtesy rides as part of your offering. Car dealerships, service stations, and auto body shops can tap into the Lyft network to dispatch rides for their customers to and from their business.