Ride solutions for your employees

Reduce costs

Manage ride solutions from one spot, where you can see spend, access reporting tools, and save on administrative costs.

Keep them happy

Your employees rely on Lyft for their personal rides. Make it easier for them to get around for work, travel, and events with reliable and consistent rides.

Stay efficient

Give your employees easy-to-use expensing tools, so they can save time scanning receipts and entering cost details.

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A ride for every occasion


Time spent on the road and preparing expense reports are big challenges for business travelers. Our travel solution lets you give them an experience they can count on.

  1. Automated expensing

    Give your employees access to auto-expensing tools, so they don’t have to spend time on manual reconciliation when they expense rides.

  2. Centralized payment

    Set up company charge accounts and control who has access to them — this can even eliminate expensing altogether for select employees.

  3. Policy adherence

    Better control over and visibility into your employees’ ride spend and habits let you design a travel policy to increase your employees’ satisfaction.

  4. Duty of care

    When you know where your employees are when they’re on the road, it’s easier to ensure duty of care every time they travel.

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When parking is scarce, public transit is out of reach, or driving is not a safe option, give employees a better way to get to and from every event.

  1. Recruiting

    Get recruits and candidates to and from interviews and on-site events.

  2. Conferences

    Get your employees to and from events of all sizes — from small, local conferences with just one location to big trade shows with up to five locations, like the hotel, the airport, and the venue.

  3. Celebrations

    Customize a holiday transportation solution that fits your team: You decide how many employees you’ll cover, and how much they get to spend.

  4. Retreats

    Skip the shuttles and parking congestion: Offer a more flexible way for employees to get there.

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Between unpredictable bus schedules, inflexible shuttle routes, and packed parking lots, commuting can be stressful. Give your employees peace of mind for every commute.

  1. Daily commutes

    Offer ride credit to your employees so they have a dependable way to get to and from work.

  2. First mile/last mile

    Provide rides for the first and last leg of the commute, when public transit is just out of reach.

  3. Safe rides home

    Make sure your night owls have a reliable way to get home after dark.

  4. Shuttle replacement

    Replace fixed schedule routes with an on-demand and more flexible way to get around.

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Busy employees don’t always have time to plan rides — especially when the schedule changes at the last minute. Offer a seamless ride experience they can always count on.

  1. Executive rides

    Request or schedule rides for executives and their visitors as a VIP service.

  2. Emergency rides

    Request and cover rides for employees when they’re in a pinch.

  3. Appointments

    Schedule rides for employees and visitors with important appointments, and track their rides in real-time so you can make sure they get there.

  4. Employee benefits

    Offer monthly anytime ride credit as a perk for employees.

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Rides taken under a Business Profile within the Lyft app can now be automatically forwarded to a number of expense management systems.


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