Give your customers the VIP treatment

Boost loyalty

With ride types for every occasion, it’s easy to provide an experience your customers will appreciate.

Reduce costs

Real-time ride data and detailed activity reports help you track ride costs, so you’re in control of how much you spend.

Stay efficient

Manage rides for customers from one central place — no matter where they’re going or which type of rides they need.

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A ride for every occasion


Give your customers a positive experience with your brand. Our events solutions allows you to create custom event codes so you can cover rides for all your events.

  1. Shuttle replacement

    Make it easy for customers and other guests to access on-demand transportation to and from your next event — whether it’s in one spot, or multiple venues.

  2. Parking mitigation

    Offer free rides to your event so it’s easy for your guests to get there — without the hassle of congested parking lots.

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Give your customers a little something extra: Our courtesy solution lets you offer rides to build customer loyalty, and makes it easy for you to manage them.

  1. Customer experience

    Increase customer satisfaction by offering the rides your customers are looking for: On-demand or scheduled, shared or luxury, and always convenient.

  2. Operational efficiency

    Scale your business without sacrificing customer experience with remotely scheduled rides to get your customers to their appointments.

  3. Customer engagement

    Incorporate rides as an incentive in your next marketing campaign to keep customers engaged.

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Brookdale residents will be able to book a Lyft ride, on-demand or pre-scheduled, billed directly to their room... no smartphones, credit card or apps required.


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