Preferred Rides: Experience the Next Level of Ride Comfort

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We are always looking for ways to elevate your ride experience. That’s why today, we’re excited to tell you about our newest ride option — Lyft Preferred rides.

With more legroom, newer cars, our highest-rated drivers, and brand new in-app tools to control ride preferences, Preferred rides are perfect for those moments when you need a little more comfort and relaxation.

To elevate your next ride experience, upgrade your standard ride to Preferred. 

Benefits of Preferred

Elevated Comfort:

You’ll always experience elevated comfort riding in vehicles that meet the following requirements: 

  • Spacious seating: All vehicles will have more than 37” of legroom.

  • Newer vehicles: You’ll only be riding in vehicle models made in 2015 or later. 

  • Cleanliness: All vehicles must maintain our highest cleanliness score. 

Top-Rated Drivers: 

You’ll only be matched with our highest-quality drivers who will take you from point A to B without a hitch. Driver qualifications include: 

  • Average rating of 4.9+ stars

  • Experience of 300+ rides given

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Rider Preferences: 

Share your preferences when you request your ride so your driver can get the vehicle ready for you. Preferences include: 

  • Temperature: Let your driver know your preferred vehicle temperature (cool, warm, or no preference) so they can adjust it upon arrival

  • Quiet ride: Tell your driver if you want no music or minimal conversation so you can just do your own thing, whether it’s working or relaxing. 

  • Bag or luggage: Got some bags in tow? For your health and safety, your driver will park close to the curb and pop the trunk so you can easily load your own bags.

As is the case with all our rides, Preferred drivers must agree to our health safety commitment, which requires every rider and driver to confirm that:

  • They will wear a face mask or covering

  • They will not ride or drive with Lyft if they have COVID-19, think they have it, or have related symptoms 

  • They will keep vehicles clean and sanitize their hands frequently 

  • They will leave windows open when possible and avoid recirculated air when possible

  • Passengers will not ride in the front seat