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Lyft Teams Up with Safety and Security Expert, ADT

Dana Davis - Oct 14, 2019
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Safety is fundamental to everything we do at Lyft. Since day one, we’ve continually invested in product features and policies aimed at keeping our riders and drivers safe. This work is driven by employees across many dedicated teams, with one in five employees at Lyft working on end-to-end efforts to strengthen the safety of our community. We are always looking for ways to continue our commitment to safety, and that includes working with expert partners. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that Lyft has teamed up with ADT, a leader in safety and security. Together, Lyft and ADT plan to develop new features designed to give riders and drivers peace of mind and enhance the safety of the Lyft platform. The first component of this partnership will be a safety feature pilot, scheduled to begin in early 2020. The pilot is intended to initiate in 9 markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles and New Jersey, and will be designed in close collaboration between ADT and Lyft.

In an emergency, pilot users will be able to signal to ADT that they are in need of assistance, via an ADT-powered feature in the Lyft app. A user will then be connected to one of ADT’s owned and operated monitoring centers, where an ADT security professional will alert authorities as needed so they can arrive at the user's location, equipped with detailed incident information.

This partnership is unprecedented in nature, bringing together two unique partners to create a new, seamlessly integrated system to address rideshare safety. This work will build upon existing Lyft safety features like in-app access to 911, and the recently announced Smart Trip Check-In. ADT’s nationwide coverage will be integral to the partnership, with the potential to provide support to Lyft users across the country. 

ADT is a leading security and automation provider, with 145 years of security experience and the largest network of security professionals. With a focus on human protection, ADT shares our commitment to make transportation safer for everyone. “When it comes to safety, there is no better partner for Lyft than ADT,” said Ran Makavy, EVP and Chief Product Officer. “We are extremely excited to enter into this partnership, and look forward to a meaningful, industry-leading collaboration.”