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Join Lyft in Supporting Black Girls CODE

Rosie Bubb - Feb 9, 2018
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Our mission is to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. Connecting people to their communities is at the heart of this mission. And to achieve it, every member of the community must be given the opportunity to contribute.

In honor of Black History Month, we are joining forces with Black Girls CODE to increase the number of women of color working in technology, and to provide African-American girls with the coding skills they need to thrive in the digital space. The US is expected to have 1.4 million computing jobs available by 2020, and it’s critical that women of color are given an equal opportunity to occupy these jobs. To get them there, Black Girls CODE hopes to train 1 million girls in computing skills by 2040.

Starting today, you can help Black Girls CODE reach their goal and introduce computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities — just by taking a Lyft ride. This is how:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ in your app

  2. Tap ‘Round Up & Donate’

  3. Choose “Black Girls CODE” as your cause Then take a ride, and we will automatically round up your fares to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to Black Girls CODE.

“Joining Lyft’s Round Up & Donate community provides everyone with the opportunity to support Black Girls CODE and our mission of making programming and technology accessible to a new generation of coders,” said Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls CODE.“Our collective donations, no matter how small, can make an impact on teen and pre-teen girls of color and ensure they receive the skills, tools, and mentorship they need to become pioneers of the next technological innovation and the architect of their very bright futures.”

In just eight months, Lyft riders who’ve tapped ‘Round Up & Donate’ have contributed over $4 million to a number of great causes, proving that the more we ride, the more we raise. When you support Black Girls CODE, your donation can fund programming and game design workshops, after-school hackathons, and lots of other great programs.

“In reflecting on the progress we’ve made here at Lyft and the work still left to be done, investing in the development of our next generation of leaders and innovators is our path forward to ushering in the diverse future we seek,” said Tariq Meyers, Lyft Head of Inclusion and Diversity.

“Our partnership with Black Girls CODE represents our long-term commitment to inclusivity with an organization who for years has done the important work of affirming and empowering young girls of color with a passion for innovation in technology.”

Last year, we released our very first diversity and inclusion report to hold ourselves accountable to building a company that reflects the US population. While we’re not there yet, it’s partners like Black Girls CODE that can help us create a truly inclusive culture. Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion requires continuous, purposeful work. And it’s work that we must do. Because Lyft is for everyone: no matter who are you, where you come from, or which seat you’re sitting in.