Essential Deliveries: A New Way for Drivers to Earn and Support Our Community

Essential Deliveries

Lyft is committed to providing drivers new earning opportunities — particularly ones that help meet the needs of our communities — while ride requests are temporarily down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, we invited drivers to join the new LyftUp Driver Community Task Force — to date, more than 120,000 drivers from across the country have signed up to support community-oriented trips. 

Today, we’re launching Essential Deliveries, a new pilot initiative where government agencies, local non-profits, businesses and healthcare organizations can request on-demand delivery of meals, groceries, life-sustaining medical supplies, hygiene products and home necessities — all delivered by Lyft drivers. This new service lets these partners meet requests for deliveries while providing new ways for drivers to earn and directly benefit communities. Lyft drivers and organizations that opt into delivery rides are made aware that these deliveries are contact-free, and drivers will currently be paid similarly to Standard rides. 

Some of our initial partners using Essential Deliveries include Dole Packaged Foods, which is partnering to have nutritious food delivered from their warehouses to senior facilities, and Army of Angels, which is partnering to have school lunches delivered to low-income families. 

"With Lyft's help, we're now able to help meet the critical needs of vulnerable populations — by delivering nutritious food from warehouses to senior facilities — faster and more efficiently than we could on our own," said Dave Spare, Vice President of Marketing at Dole Packaged Foods. “We hope to keep growing our partnership with Lyft to make an even greater impact and build healthy communities, in line with our purpose of providing access to nutrition to all people.” 

“While schools are closed, many students go without school breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a variety of reasons, some are unable to access the school meals being distributed at select schools, and Army of Angels helps bridge the gap,” said Greg Valla, Advisor at Army of Angels. “We’re fortunate that Lyft stepped in to deliver food to students and their families who otherwise would simply not be able to eat during this time.

Essential Deliveries will initially be offered in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio, and Seattle. As we develop more partnerships, the program will expand to more drivers and more cities across the country. In the coming weeks, we plan to expand this service throughout the country through partnerships with additional organizations including Loaves & Fishes in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Urban Recipes in Atlanta, Georgia, to deliver food from food banks to low-income communities. 

Today’s launch builds upon our existing work with healthcare organizations and patients, and with  nonprofits and local governments through LyftUp, our comprehensive effort to expand transportation access to those who need it most. Through LyftUp and with funding from partners like Mastercard, we’re working with elected officials and community organizations including Los Angeles City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson to help the Council District 8 community access free healthy food while supporting family-owned restaurants in South Los Angeles, and a troop from Girl Scouts of Orange County to deliver self-assembled self-care kits and Girl Scout cookies to healthcare professionals as tokens of appreciation. 

“Surviving this crisis will require innovation on every level,” said LA City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson. “Partnering with Lyft allows us to expand our emergency senior meals program to provide free, healthy meals directly to seniors at their homes, while keeping afloat the small businesses that contribute so much to the financial and culturally vitality of our communities.” 

“As communities shelter in place, the need for items to be delivered to the doorstep is at an all-time high,” said Lisa Boyd, Director of Social Impact at Lyft. “Whether it's meals for high-risk seniors or medical supplies for individuals with a medical condition, Lyft’s community of drivers is ready to help meet the needs of our communities while earning additional income.”   

If you’re an organization interested in utilizing Essential Deliveries for your customers or community, please complete this intake form.

If you’re a driver interested in learning more about Essential Deliveries, visit Lyft’s Driver Hub to learn more.