Lyft at San Francisco International Airport

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Requesting a Ride at SFO

Whether you’re taking off or landing, we’ve got you covered. For drop-offs, request a ride as usual. Here’s how Lyft pickups work at San Francisco International Airport.

Find Your Pickup Zone

At SFO, the pickup location is upstairs at Departures— Level 2 at the Domestic Terminal, Level 3 at the International Terminal.

Request a Ride

Once you’re in the pickup zone, select your ride type and tap request.

Meet Your Driver

Look for your driver near the pickup zone you selected.

Rides Available at SFO

No matter how you roll, roll with Lyft. We offer different ways to ride so you can get to where you’re going just how you like.


Lyft is your personal ride. Whether you’re traveling solo or with up to three friends, this sedan is yours to fill. Available nationwide. 

Lyft Line

Lyft Line is a shared ride. It matches you with others going the same way, so you can split the cost. Price is fixed upfront and always less than a standard Lyft. Available in select U.S. cities. learn more >

Lyft Plus

Lyft Plus is a supersized ride with six seats for when you need more space or just want to roll with the entire squad. Available nationwide. 

Lyft Premier

Lyft Premier is your high-end ride. From business trips to a night on the town, it’s the perfect way to add a little luxury and arrive in style. Available in select U.S. cities. 

Estimate the Price of Your SFO Trip

Enter a pickup and drop-off location to get your fare estimate.

Lyft’s fare calculation in California has not been evaluated and/or approved by the Division of Measurement Standards. An airport fee may be added to your fare. Subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

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Arrive in Style with Lyft Premier

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Do I have to go to the Departures Level to get picked up?
Yes. At SFO, all pickups occur on the Departures Level, so you will need to go upstairs from the baggage claim.
How will I know exactly where to meet my driver?
Make sure you put the pin in the spot where you’d like to be picked up before you make your request. In some cases, the app will move the pin automatically to the correct pickup area.
When should I make my request?
You should wait until you are ready to go to make your request (bags in hand). Drivers are not allowed to wait or circle the terminal if you’re delayed.
Is it okay to use Lyft if I have a lot of luggage?
Absolutely! All Lyft cars have at least four seats and a trunk for you to use. If you have a lot of bags and need to use more space in the car, it’s best not to use Lyft Line, which may pair you with other riders.
Is there an extra fee for airport rides?
Yes, there is an additional fee charged for airport rides that may not be included in your initial fare estimate. You will see it on your ride receipt.