How does the coverage area work?


The Lyft coverage area is the zone in which passengers can request rides. Before switching into driver mode, make your way into the coverage area to ensure you receive as many requests as possible. Once you're in the coverage area and in driver mode, you should accept every Lyft request you receive in order to keep your acceptance rate as high as possible.

Can I get ride requests if I'm outside the coverage area?

No. All drivers need to be in the coverage area to receive requests.

Can passengers request rides outside the coverage area?

No. Passengers must be inside the zone in order to request a ride.

What if a passenger I've picked up requests to be dropped off outside the coverage area?

Although passengers can only request rides inside the coverage area, they can be dropped off up to 60 miles outside the zone. If you pick up a passenger who requests to be dropped off outside the coverage area, these rides are often more lucrative, so feel free to give them a ride. Once you've dropped them off, just head back to the coverage area to get your next request.

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